Crisis Intervention Training with UAF CTC Law Enforcement Academy

On November 2nd the Autism Society of Alaska’s Board President conducted a Crisis Intervention Training to the UAF Community and Technical College Law Enforcement Academy.

“This training is part of the Law Enforcement Academy’s ongoing effort to provide cultural awareness training with the goal that students will be able to assess a situation and perform a reasonable and appropriate response.”

Community and Technical College

The Autism Society of Alaska’s partnership with UAF CTC Law Enforcement is to inform the academy on what autism is, statistics about autism, identifying autism, and providing them with a variety of suggested responses when interacting with an individual on the spectrum. Through a training such as this, we at ASA can better equip the officers with de-escalation techniques for when they encounter an individual on the spectrum.

“Our goal of inclusive participation in all areas of life is being realized. As a result it is our responsibility to make as many education opportunities available to help ensure that these moments of interaction are positive, appropriate and as safe as possible for everyone.”

Brandy Raby, ASA Board President

The other side of the safety process is training families on the programs available. There are safety measures families can take in order to help First Responders and Law Enforcement. Families can take part in The Yellow Dot Program and the Smart911 Program.

Yellow Dot Program

Alaska is the 23rd State to join the Yellow Dot Program. This program is designed to alert first responders and officers that someone in the vehicle has a medical condition and provides detailed medical information that can be crucial following a crash. The purpose of the program is to alert law enforcement officers, and medical first responders of any special information to better assist the situation. Participants of the program receive a “Yellow Dot” decal, a “Yellow Dot” folder and an information form with the participant’s name, an identifying photo, emergency contact information, personal physicians’ information, medical conditions, recent surgeries, allergies and medications being used. We encourage all families with an individual on the spectrum to become part of the Yellow Dot Program to help first responders.

Smart911 Program

Smart911 allows citizens to create a safety profile of vital personal and household data. Specifically to autism, this profile allows people to including details on medications, medical conditions, and any information that is needed in order to effectively assist or interact with people during an emergency situation. This information is automatically available to 9-1-1 call takers when a citizen places an emergency call and can be sent to first responders in the field, enabling them to act precisely, save valuable time and further reduce tragic outcomes and save lives. The autism society of Alaska strongly encourages families to set up a profile with this program.

The Autism Society of Alaska’s procedure for safety is a twofold process: we inform both parties by educating first responders and law enforcement along with families of those on the spectrum. We believe through each training we can make a positive impact in Alaska.

Do you know of a training opportunity for ASA?

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