Helping Has No Age Requirement

A couple months ago, we were reminded that working with ASA can be done in any capacity. Whether you are an individual or group of any age, you can help us. Recently we were contacted by Jonathon Putnam, a 9th grader at NPHS. He chose The Autism Society of Alaska for his Boy Scouts Eagle Scout group project. He made and donated fidget spinners. Putnam stated he did this because, “I thought it would be a fun project. I have a lot of friends who either have autism or have siblings that do.” We love seeing the generosity of the younger generation in our community.


If you are interested in helping, but not sure how. Reach out to us. You can offer your skills and time in any capacity, big or small. It takes many types of talents. Think about the CHANGE you can make with your SKILLS!

North Pole Champions for Charity

North Pole Middle School Champions for Charity, also known as C4C, is  a month long fundraising event involving teams competing to raise money for their chosen charity. In its first five years, this school has made over $41,000 in donations to 30 charities and nonprofits with ties to their students and Interior Alaska.

One of the teams, The Algebros, has chosen to raise funds for the Autism Society of Alaska. We recently visited and discussed autism with them. They are quite educated on why ASA exists and driven to make a difference. They will hold a Bingo Family Night on February 21st and the McHenryball Tournament on February 27th. Both events will be held at North Pole Middle School and will help them raise funds for all charities, including ASA.

North Pole Middle School presenting ASA with a check in 2016

North Pole Middle School’s Champions for Charity was born from their annual McHenryball Fundraiser. This was played in honor of NPMS students who had died in tragic accidents.  Funds raised were donated to charities and nonprofit organizations that were important to those students. Following years were focused on donating the earnings to nonprofits and charities with local ties to Interior Alaska. 2016 brought expansion to the program. C4C is now a month long fundraising event that runs from mid-February through mid-March. The program includes three fundraising events, a Valentine’s Social for students only, and two community events: a fun filled family night and the annual McHenryball Tournament.

C4C teams include up to 14 members: A maximum of 6 boys, 6 girls, and two staff. Teams form in January and begin their planning and fundraising.


The team with with most points at the end of the C4C month will be crowned the Champions for Charity.


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