Halloween Tips for Children with Autism

Written By: Denys Collins

Halloween can be a fun day full of excitement, candy, and spooky decorations. For some, such as those that experience autism, it can be overwhelming and full of chaos, diet restricted treats, and scary costumes and decor. With a few accommodations and planning, Halloween can be an enjoyable time for all.

First, prepare ahead of time.

  • Try Costumes before Halloween to make sure your child is comfortable.
  • Create a visual story or schedule.
  • Practice trick or treating.
  • Walk through the neighborhood ahead of time.

Next, for the night of Halloween remember to be flexible.

  • Know  your child’s limits. Keep it short if necessary.
  • Throw your own sensory friendly party instead.
  • Have them help hand out candy.
  • Have an area of the house free of decorations and festivities, so they can escape and calm down.
  • Have diet approved snacks or toys at home to replace candy.
  • Have child wear a glow bracelet or have a glow stick  in case they elope.
  • Go before it’s too dark and crowded.

Last, don’t forget to have fun. Holidays should be enjoyable.  Don’t force your child to participate if they are not interested.  Plan alternative activities instead and make your own traditions. Make Halloween pleasurable for everyone.  Happy Halloween!



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