Sensory Friendly Jump Time

On March 31, 2018 the Autism Society of Alaska partnered with FLY Trampoline Park in Fairbanks to provide a sensory friendly jump time. The event was full of smiles, laughter, and of course jumping. Parents made sure not to let the children have all of the fun.

FLY opened an hour early to accommodate the sensory needs of the jumpers. The number of attendees was kept low, and the music was turned off. The staff went above and beyond. They were helpful, friendly, and played too. There was even a surprise visitor that showed up… The Easter Bunny! It is amazing what can happen when organizations partner and set up accommodations.

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This presentation was brought by the Autism Society of Alaska’s Community Enrichment program. This program was created to solve some of the community’s most common requests, access to information about networking with other families and leisure activities for individuals with autism. The Autism Society of Alaska (A.S.A) partners with local businesses to provide leisure opportunities to those who experience autism, while also providing networking, socializing, and referral services to the whole family. A.S.A. also hosts community presentations and workshops on a range of topics affecting individuals with autism.

Want to learn more about the Autism Society of Alaska Community Enrichment Program? Visit A.S.A’s website to see more events to come.